Who said our musicians only play music?

Never a surprise to us, as one more project booked this week with one of our hot rock-singers taking to the road on his motorcycle for this cool commercial shoot!

One of our favorite couples....

We love this amazing duo... and so did the casting folks, director and production folks on the Coca-Cola shoot!!!! We sent them our real live newly-weds, and within hours they were on the set!

Marching Band on the Set!

We sent one of our talented Marching Bands to work on a high profile commercial this week. Non-disclosure rules keep us from reporting more than that.....but it's sure to be a good one!

It's a Family Affair!

We have one of my favorite familys working on an exciting commercial this week. Hush, Hush on all the details...but we're thrilled about this one!

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